“100 Performances for the Hole (Redux); a mini-marathon of artistic moments” by Justin Hoover (et al)

Thursday, 27 June 2013
7:30-9:30 PM
Building 550 Atrium

Blog Response by Dr. W.C. Meier

PORT_130627_1230148(photo by Annabelle Port)

25 two-minute performances back-to-back. Staring into the space, an atrium, there is, to the left, a mic –which SOMArts Curator/MC Justin Hoover uses to intro and out-tro performers. Next to him, a monitor is turned to face the audience and performers with a digital clock, counting down from 4 minutes each time, including set-up, performance and teardown.

This mini-marathon provided artistic moments that included: ‘Horse Twins’ by Marcos Najera. Set to music, the artist, in underpants, socks, high heels and horse head, writhing from tableaux to tableaux, gyrates with two androgynous back-up dancers played by Esther Baker-Tarpaga and Allison Wyper, who are themselves dressed in bright orange jumpsuits and wigs. All wear latex gloves. The ménage à trois strike sadomasochistic poses with a brutal playfulness that includes teeth baring, hair pulling and simulated masturbation. At 2-minutes, the piece ends. The final tableau has the sexy, aggressive dancers riding the horse-man out of the space through the audience. And with that, Justin Hoover steps to the mic and as at the beginning of the piece, states the name of the performance and its artists. Hoover keeps the show on-track by speaking “Time” into the mic. Especially nice was that as the show’s Curator, Hoover gave background on performers he was introducing, often referencing other works by the artist. Projections, audience interaction, dancing, costumes and music all dynamically punctuated the evening in a space reminiscent of the fluidity of the gallery where the original SF show was so beautifully born.

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