Performing the PSi Conference: A Processural Twitter Archive, Post 1

This blog is a catalog of responses to events. These responses occur in various temporalities, in different rhythms, and in different media. The psi19performance blog attempts to collapse the distances, distinctions, and differences between these times, patterns, and forms as well as those between the “liveness” and the documentation of the conference, between the academic, praxis, and performance valences of the conference, and between this blog’s own nature as archive and its serial eventhood, marked by its insistent up-to-datedness.

In pursuit of such collapses, we have included a Twitter “live feed” on the right-hand side of this blog to capture the “liveness” of the conference as it unfolds. In addition to this “live” “event” structure, we here begin an archive of the manifold forms of performance that permeate the PSi19 Conference–digital, academic, spectatorial, documentary, etc., as produced on the Twitter platform. We place this archive and the continually unfolding “live feed” alongside formal responses to formal performances, installations, and praxis sessions because these rhizomatic performances occur alongside, in support of, and in contrast to the various formal events of the conference. No matter the relation, these rhizomatic, digital, polyvocal, quotidian performances are constitutive elements of the wider arena in which the performances documented by the psi19performanceblog unfold. We introduce a processural archive of the Twitter hashtag “#psi19” in an attempt to document some of these informal performances, and to place the constellation of temporalities, rhythms, media, and their concomitant perspectives and voices under the sign of “Performance” at Performance Studies International. The first post of the archive, which will be constructed in parts as the conference progresses, can be accessed here.

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