“un still” by Hugo Glendinning

Wednesday, 26 June 2013
7:00 pm
Bing Concert Hall

Blog Response by Rebecca Chaleff

The presentation of Hugo Glendinning’s un still is simple: a triptych of images cycle and fluctuate to the silences and swells of an accompanying score.  On the screen, we see pictures of stillness as well as motion.  We see moments that are caught by the photograph, their kinetics suspended in time, and we see moments that are sustained by the photograph, seemingly expanding beyond the temporality that frames them.  Themes of time course through un still.  There are images that have no time (a dead bird on its back, wiry feet delicately curled beneath a feathered belly), and images that are distinctly marked by time (the differences in age of a single woman, pictured over the course of 25 years, not to mention the more obvious, neon glow of the timer counting down the minutes in the background of Merce Cunningham’s Ocean).

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