“100 Performances for the Hole (Redux); a mini-marathon of artistic moments” by Justin Hoover (et al)

Thursday, 27 June 2013
7:30-9:30 PM
Building 550 Atrium

Blog Response by Dr. W.C. Meier

PORT_130627_1230148(photo by Annabelle Port)

25 two-minute performances back-to-back. Staring into the space, an atrium, there is, to the left, a mic –which SOMArts Curator/MC Justin Hoover uses to intro and out-tro performers. Next to him, a monitor is turned to face the audience and performers with a digital clock, counting down from 4 minutes each time, including set-up, performance and teardown.

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Performing the PSi Conference: A Processural Twitter Archive, Post 1

This blog is a catalog of responses to events. These responses occur in various temporalities, in different rhythms, and in different media. The psi19performance blog attempts to collapse the distances, distinctions, and differences between these times, patterns, and forms as well as those between the “liveness” and the documentation of the conference, between the academic, praxis, and performance valences of the conference, and between this blog’s own nature as archive and its serial eventhood, marked by its insistent up-to-datedness.

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