“Chronopolitics with Dogs and Trees in Stanford” by Tuija Kokkonen and Alan Read

Thursday, 27 June 2013
7:30 pm – 7:30 am
Roble Studio 42
Blog Response by Tuija Kokkonen

Chronopolitics with Dogs and Trees in Stanford was, on one level, an invitation to perform for a non-human. Performances for non-humans are not missed or needed by them, but can act as a place of hospitality and of impossible, yet attainable proximity emerging on the different boundaries between species and co-beings.

When a dog responds to your reading of Investigations of a Dog to it, or when an oak or an herb plant receives the “Treebeard” chapter from the Lord of the Rings or Plant Fear being read to it, what happens in that moment? What happens to humans when the witness and the respondent of the event is something other than a human being? Following Derrida’s (2008) questions: Who witnesses to what and for whom? Who proves, who looks, who observers whom and what? What is there for knowledge, of certainty, of truth, of love?

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